Most Sharpies Blown Over With A Single Breath

United States Gavin Christie

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Sarasota, Florida, United States / July 6, 2009

Gavin Christie blew over 40 Sharpies using a single breath, a new world record.


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  • United States Alice watson

    Alice watson

    Great article! This can't be more accurate in the fact about how much important it is for every living person to have atleast a basic courtesy to acknowledge the trauma of a fellow human and help in any possible way they can.

  • United States Jared Stahl

    Jared Stahl

    this is a bad world record. he cheated on his own record i am furious with the fact that guiness would allow this to be oublished on their website. this is what is wrong with america now people like you are running around creating new challenges for others but not lsitening to it for yourself you hypocrytical piece of poopoo

    • United States steven smith

      steven smith

      what? How can you say that? Do you have any proof? This website is genuine I have belief

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